(Casiguran, Irosin and Gubat, Sorsogon)
Issued: 01 April 2024
Valid: 01 April 2024 - 30 June 2024
El Niño in the tropical Pacific continues to weaken. Majority of global climate models suggest that El Niño will likely persist until March-April-May 2024 season with a transition to ENSO-neutral in April-May-June 2024 season. Increasing probability of La Niña (62%) in June-July-August season.
Weather Systems Localized Thunderstorms, Easterlies, Ridge of High Pressure Area (HPA), Southwest Monsoon, Low Pressure Areas (LPAs) and Tropical Cyclones 
Rainfall Condition Casiguran, Irosin and Gubat is expected to experience way below normal rainfall condition in April and below normal rainfall condition in May and June.
Wind Speed and Direction Light to moderate winds blowing from the Northeast to South will prevail
Range of Temperature 23°C-33°C
Range of Relative Humidity 83% - 84%
Soil Moisture Condition Dry