(Libon, Ligao and Camalig, Albay)
Issued: 21 March 2024
Valid: 21-31 March 2024
Weather Systems Localized Thunderstorms, Localized Thunderstorms
Fishing Advisory
  • Slight ot moderate seas will prevail.
  • Fishermen using small boats and seacrafts are advised to always take precautionary measures and to continue monitor updates thru radio and television
Farm Activities Rice and corn are in different stages. Growing of onion, squash, mustard, cassava, cucumber, eggplant, okra, tomato, sweet potato, taro, ampalaya, chayote, mushroom, patola, pechay, string bean, upo, ginger, jackfruit, cacao, coffee, pili, coconut, banana, dragon fruit, papaya, lanzones, condol and mango is ongoing. Harvesting of string bean, sweet potato, ube, taro, cassava, onion leeks, caimito, pechay, eggplant, squash, mustard, string bean, winged bean, chili pepper, pili, mushroom, okra, cucumber, ampalaya, patola, tomato, upo, lettuce, ginger, cacao, banana, papaya, mango, melon, turnip, jackfruit, coconut and pineapple is underway. Irrigation and water management is still being done. Mulching is taking place. Fertilizer application, spraying, and weeding are also being performed. Drying and milling of rice and corn are being performed. Copra drying continues.
Range of Temperature  23°C-33°C
Range of Relative Humidity  60%-95%
Soil Moisture Condition  Wet
Rainy Days (0.1mm or more)  4-8